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BLUGUITAR NANOCAB / 1x12" Closed or Open Speakercabinet

Prijs: € 419.00

Artikelnummer: BLUGUITAR NANOCAB / 1x12" Closed or Open Speakercabinet
Levertijd: In Voorraad
Artikelgroep: BLUGUITAR Pedal Amp, Cabs etc.


BLUGUITAR NANOCAB / 1x12" Closed or Open Speakercabinet

Inspired by the excellent performance of the FATCAB, the cabinet that I used and tweaked over the last years, I set myself the task of developing a compact, but good-sounding Box, complimentary to the BluGuitar AMP1  .

The only loudspeaker that came into question for me was a 12", because I always miss the fundamental low-mid range with 10" speakers. Therefore, the 12" speaker determined the size of the cabinet. On this basis we experimented with the dimensions of the casing and various bass-reflex constructions. We quickly came to a realization: An opening in the casing provides a higher bass resonance, which gives clean and slightly distorted sounds a special airiness, but the opening shouldn’t be too big. If so, you lose the important resonance and the box sounds "small”. However the optimum punch for rock sounds is best achieved with a closed cabinet. This is how we came to the idea of the NANOCABs small opening, which can easily be opened or closed according to your needs. To create more warmth the speaker was mounted to the baffle and a basket weave covering was chosen.

While testing different prototypes we had surprising results: It didn’t matter what style I played - whether clean, crunched or high gain - jazz, blues or rock – the combination of NANOCABand AMP1  sounds perfect! Thanks to the bass-reflex harmonization, the NANOCAB produces a really big sound with unexpected low-end. It is also my absolute favourite for living rooms, because it has such a full and balanced sound, even at low volume. Furthermore it’s astounding how well this small box establishes itself in a band context. The NANOCAB fits in a suitcase and, thanks to its compact design, can even be transported by plane, train or on a motorcycle.

The BluGuitar NANOCAB is the smallest 1x12" box with the biggest sound – a real recommendation as a compact cabinet, without any real competitors. 


Type:                     1 x 12" Closed Back / Open Back
Power:                   60 Watt
Impedance:            8 Ohm
Speaker:                 1 x 12" special BluGuitar Classic
Wood:                     „Baltic Birch" ply w/finger joint corners
Tolex:                      Black Levant
Grill Cloth:               Black Basket Weave
Weight:                   10 kg
Dimensions:            35 x 35 x 27,5 cm
Connectivity:           1 x Mono In, 1 x Parallel Out, 1x Serial Out
Special Features:    Dual ported for best Bass-Response, Closed Back / Open Back Cover, removable
prijs 419,- inclusief mooie sterke BluGuitar hoes.
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